About Us

Company Profile & Mission

Our company has a young history. It is made up of young individuals who have the desire and passion to pursue a dream: to establish the Christine Bi brand as the new image of Made in Italy in women's fashion. Born in 2018 from the passion of friends for women's fashion trends, it quickly became an opportunity for talented designers to offer trendy garments with utmost attention to sustainability and the choice of green fabrics and accessories.

Our choices are brave, but they will set us apart.

Our target is a dynamic, successful woman who has a strong desire to have fun. We think about her every day during our work andimagine her dressed elegantly. She is a woman who gets excited and knows how to inspire others. Every woman's life is a collection of emotions and dreams. We want to take each woman's dreams by the hand and help them come true.

Her drive to succeed is also ours, and we know that together we will reach the destination we have set!

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is an approach to design that is based on ethics and sustainability, and we at Christine Bi adopt this policy!

The first aspect refers to the working conditions and well-being of the fashion company's employees.

Sustainability, on the other hand, aims to protect the environment by using materials with low environmental impact, both in production and disposal phases.

Ethical fashion is still in its infancy, but its progress is confirmed by the choices made by some major brands.

However, the use of ecological materials is still a minority, and achieving a complete transition towards sustainable and green fashion aindustry appears to be a distant goal to date. But at Christine Bi, we leave nothing to chance and have been at the forefront of promoting greener fashion for years.

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